Jeff Rasor - Creator & Host

The Blue Sky Breakthrough Podcast

Jeff Rasor has invested 20+ years of his life and career into the study and application of breakthrough and transformation in the leadership, business, team development, and one-on-one coaching space - impacting over half a million people with his work.

He is the author of “Where Breakthrough Happens,” and the Founder of the Blue Sky Academy – a Christ-Centered, high-performance breakthrough coaching firm that guides leaders and businesses into massive amounts of clarity, purpose, and momentum.

In every podcast, Jeff brings his diverse blend of gifts, talents, and experience with seasoned wisdom and insight offered to you through an authentic and genuine spirit.

If you are a leader, executive, business owner, or an entrepreneur who hungers for all that God has for you in your life, career, and business, this podcast is all about you and your breakthrough into your Blue Sky Potential.

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Episode 3: Unleashing Your Life from Doubt, Fear, and a Third "Secret" Enemy of Your Dreams

Feeling chained down to the corner of stuck and lost - held back by doubt, fear, and another powerful force you can't quite see?

I have been there too, but there's hope! I have discovered the three truths that have the power to truly set you free so you can soar into your dreams. 

Listen now to discover three powerful truths that can lead you to a life of confidence, courage, and conviction!

Episode 4: Coming Soon!


Release Date: 6/8
Episode 5: Coming Soon!


Release Date: 6/15
Episode 0: Trailer - Introducing the Blue Sky Breakthrough Podcast

Are you wondering if God has something more for you and your future?  Are you longing to find purpose in your life, career, or business?

Don’t give up... Breakthrough is coming! There is an absolutely amazing blue sky future for you, a future that you thought only existed in your dreams. 

Listen now to rekindle and renew hope in your God-given dreams!

Episode 1: “Reach Your Potential” - Life Coach Cliché or Practical Leadership Truth?

Are you tired of hearing about “reaching your potential?” Feel like the idea is worn-out and cliché?

Well, your potential is not simply an idea or a concept, but it is a genuine reality and a practical leadership truth that can lead you to breakthrough.

Listen now to be inspired about your potential to impact the world for good!

Episode 2: The Comfort Zone - Safe, Deadly, or Both?

So many leaders and influencers are shaming the Comfort Zone, but what if there is goodness and purpose to it?

Watch out, though! That goodness and purpose can trap you into an acceptance of the status quo, ultimately leading you to the death of desire and indifference toward your dreams. 

Listen now to discover what it takes to break free from the comfort zone!


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